Office of Justice Programs (OJP)


BJA is committed to many initiatives that we hope will bring positive changes and help each of our partners in the field. Listed below are the topical areas of focus for BJA.

Prosecutors, judges, and court personnel are looking for new approaches to adjudicating offenders that will not only clear cases and decrease dockets, but also lower recidivism.

Supervising offenders in the community and preparing offenders for their return to their communities are critical to protecting public safety.

BJA recognizes that it is the job of law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to bring terrorists to justice, but we also believe that every citizen can play a vital part in helping to prevent terrorism.

Crime Prevention
Preventing crime involves not only making sure that our homes are secure and that we take precautions to be safe, it also means working with law enforcement to look out for the safety of our neighbors and other community members.

Justice Information Sharing
While the sharing of information must be the responsibility of criminal justice agencies, at BJA we are committed to providing the resources and assistance needed to make it as easy as possible.

Law Enforcement
At BJA, we respect the choice of law enforcement officers to dedicate themselves to serving their communities. We believe that we must honor their service by doing everything possible to provide them with the support, resources, and training they need to meet the needs of their communities.

Mental Health
BJA supports a variety of programs and activities aimed at improving the criminal justice system's response to people with mental illness.

Substance Abuse
BJA supports a variety of efforts addressing substance abuse and the associated dangers, including treatment services.

Tribal Justice
BJA is committed to preventing and controlling crime, violence, and substance abuse and improving the functioning of criminal justice systems in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.


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