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Connect with BJA - Outdated Page

Facebook users are invited to view BJA's Facebook page to learn about BJA initiatives, announcements, and other items of interest.

BJA's Twitter page provides Twitter users with quick access to BJA announcements and highlights.

You Tube
Visit BJA's You Tube site to access resources and other items.

You can use BJA's RSS feed to stay informed about new additions to the BJA site. To subscribe to the BJA RSS feed, copy the URL from the box below and paste it into your preferred RSS reader (e.g., Bloglines, MyYahoo!, Google). Alternatively, if you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer version 7 or later, and you would like to use your browser as an RSS reader, click the orange RSS icon (RSS) next to the Web site address to add it to your browser's list of feeds. You will automatically receive updates each time a new announcement is added to the BJA site.

Justice Today
BJA's Justice Today newsletter contains information about new publications, BJA program highlights, funding opportunities, and other information of interest to the BJA audience. You can subscribe or view the archives online.

Throughout the BJA site, you will see the "share this page" icon. By clicking the icon, you can share the page you are on with a friend or colleague. Simply enter the recipient's email address and your name in the appropriate fields and an email will be sent to the recipient containing a link to the page.

The BJA web site has been built so that users can access site content and features using mobile tools, such as cell phones or other handheld devices.

My BJA One of the features of the BJA site is the ability for users to register for "My BJA" accounts. Once registered, users can personalize their BJA site experience by identifying their topics/areas of interest and selecting site/content to appear in their Saved Favorites area. Register to create an account.