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Visit the Justice Information Sharing site for further information about this initiative.

Visit the Policy & Implementation and Training & Technical Assistance Opportunities sections of the Justice Information Sharing site for information about technical assistance.

Information Sharing in Criminal Justice-Mental Health Collaborations: Working with HIPAA and Other Privacy Laws, Bureau of Justice Assistance, 2010. This guide introduces how federal and state laws likely influence practitioners' responses, specifically in reference to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act of 1996 (HIPPA) and other privacy laws.

Improving the Administration of Justice in Tribal Communities Through Information Sharing and Resource Sharing, BJA-Sponsored, December 2010. This bulletin discusses challenges identified by three jurisdictional teams of justice personnel (tribal, state and federal) in establishing mechanisms for information and resource sharing.

Strategic Solutions to Transform Our Nation's Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing, The Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative Advisory Committee released this guide as a challenge and call to action for its members, partners, and national leaders toward adopting comprehensive information sharing solutions.

Opportunities for Information Sharing To Enhance Health and Public Safety Outcomes: A Report by the Criminal Justice and Health Collaboration Project, BJA-Sponsored, April 2013. This report highlights findings identified by the Criminal Justice and Health Collaboration Project Working Group related to information exchanges for continuity of care and treatment of justice-involved individuals.

Guide to Conducting Privacy Impact Assessments for State, Local, and Tribal Justice Entities, BJA-Sponsored, February 2009. In addition to an overview of the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) process, this guide contains a template that leads policy developers through a series of appropriate PIA questions that evaluate the process through which personally identifiable information is collected, stored, protected, shared, and managed.

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