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A total of 50 jurisdictions may be certified under this program. Each certified program must be determined by the Director of BJA to meet statutory and guideline requirements. Currently, 45 certificates have been awarded.

Interested applicants should contact:

Julius Dupree
Policy Advisor

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Technical Assistance Provider
The technical assistance provider under PIECP, the National Correctional Industries Association, works with the public and private sectors to provide the latest information and strategies on prison industries and to enhance certificate holders' prison industry programs.

Julius Dupree
Policy Advisor

Program Brief: Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program, Bureau of Justice Assistance, August 2018. This program brief describes the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP), which enables private industry to establish joint ventures with federal, state, local, and tribal corrections agencies to produce goods using prison labor.

More BJA Publications

Developing a Jail Industry: A Workbook (NCJ 182506), Bureau of Justice Assistance, George Sexton, Rod Miller, Vic Jacobsen, August 2002. This resource offers a starting point for county officials, jail staff, and advisory committees interested in creating and/or improving a jail industry. This BJA Monograph emphasizes the value of the development process in creating and/or improving a jail industry by identifying six principles of success: building a strong foundation, learning from others, analyzing potential opposition, gaining support through participation, taking time to plan, and using all available resources. It also contains a workbook of specific ideas and guidance on a 15-component development process and lists potential benefits, obstacles, and opportunities of a jail industry.



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