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The Bureau of Justice Statistics will calculate a minimum base allocation for each state and the District of Columbia, which is then enhanced by an amount proportional to the state's share of the national population. When available, BJA will post the JRJ Program State Allocation Chart on this page.

JRJ Governor-Designated State Agencies
Governor-designated state agencies (or in the case of Washington, D.C., a Mayor-designated agency) will administer the JRJ Program in each state. We encourage prosecutors and public defenders with specific questions about the JRJ Loan Repayment application process to contact the Governor-designated (or Mayor-designated) agency in the state within which they work.

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Equal Justice Works offered a comprehensive webinar designed for managers of the state JRJ Programs. BJA representatives participate in the webinar to assist in answering questions.

Download the sample guidelines and application.

For more information see the Equal Justice Works John R. Justice information page.

Latanza Wilson
State Policy Advisor and Grant Manager

Antonio Tovar
State Policy Advisor and Grant Manager

John R. Justice Loan Repayment Program: Impact Report, BJA-Sponsored, December 2016. This impact report shows the breadth and depth of the John R. Justice Loan Repayment Program by providing the number of participants and highlighting the impact the program has had on participants.

BJA Grantee Fact Sheet, Fiscal Year 2015: John R. Justice Program, Bureau of Justice Assistance, July 2016. This fact sheet provides information about fiscal year 2015 activities of the John R. Justice loan repayment program, which provides financial assistance to those who accept positions as public attorneys.

Program Performance Report: John R. Justice Program, October 2010-June 2013, BJA-Sponsored, 2014. This report includes program performance information reported by recipients of the John R. Justice Program grants in FY 2010, FY 2011, and FY 2012.

More BJA Publications

If a state or territory, including the District of Columbia, does not have public defenders who are eligible, as defined by the statute, to apply for John R. Justice (JRJ) funds, is such state still eligible to administer the JRJ grant program?  Answer

Are individuals who are elected prosecutors or public defenders eligible for the JRJ Program?  Answer

Has BJA administered the JRJ grant program prior to 2018?  Answer

What amount of JRJ funding will each state receive?  Answer

How much money from the JRJ allocation can each state spend on administrative costs?  Answer

Can a designated state agency contract with a private non-profit organization to manage the JRJ Program?  Answer

Will BJA extend the application deadline upon request if a designated state agency requires additional time?  Answer

What additional information, other than the designation, is a state required to submit as part of its JRJ application?  Answer

How does a prosecutor or public defender apply for JRJ student loan repayment benefits?  Answer

What are the FY 2018 JRJ award start and end dates?  Answer

How are the JRJ funds disbursed to the Governor-designated state agency and who will handle the individual loan repayment?  Answer

Are there limitations regarding the number of years an attorney has been practicing (in regards to the JRJ Program)?  Answer

Is there a suggested means of determining the "cost of living adjustment" for applicants, as required for the plan to select the "least able to pay" within the entire applicant pool (in regards to the JRJ program)?  Answer

What is considered full-time employment for the purpose of the JRJ solicitation?  Answer

Does a person have to be employed full-time at the time of selection to be eligible for the JRJ Program?  Answer

Are attorneys who handle appellate-level criminal or juvenile delinquency case work eligible for the JRJ Program?  Answer

Are attorneys who handle an exclusively civil caseload, such as civil forfeiture or dependency cases, eligible for the JRJ Program?  Answer

Are loans that were purchased or sold by the original holder eligible for payment (in regards to the JRJ Program)?  Answer

May the designated state agencies issue co-payment of the loan repayment award jointly to the beneficiary and the lender (in regards to the JRJ Program)?  Answer

May a designated state agency use “salary” rather than “gross or net income” in determining which applicants have the least ability to repay their loans (in regards to the JRJ Program)?  Answer

How is “spouse” defined for the purposes of JRJ?  Answer

In determining which JRJ applicants have the least ability to repay their loans, if an applicant is married, must a state agency use “household income”?  Answer

Are there tax consequences associated with receipt of JRJ benefits?  Answer

Do employees of Public Defender Service (PDS) in the District of Columbia qualify as “public defenders” as that term is defined under the John R. Justice statute (42 U.S.C. 3797cc-21(2)?  Answer

Once JRJ awards are made, how will money be disbursed to the state agencies?  Answer

Regarding the JRJ Program, is a person eligible if their loan is “past due,” but still reported as in a payment status? Is a person eligible if their loan is in a “deferment” or “forbearance” status?  Answer

When does the JRJ service obligation begin?  Answer

I’ve signed multiple service agreements under my original 3-year service agreement. Do these service agreements add compounded service time?  Answer

Is a beneficiary obligated to enter into a new service agreement of 3 years in addition to, and upon completion of, the initial 3-year service commitment if that person is selected again by the JRJ state administering agency?  Answer

Regarding the JRJ Program, does the service agreement permit the Department of Justice to collect more than the principal amount of the award if the terms of the service agreement are not satisfied?  Answer

How should a JRJ recipient in repayment status repay the financial obligation they’ve incurred under the terms of their signed JRJ Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) Service Agreement?  Answer

What if a JRJ beneficiary in repayment status is unable to repay the full sum of their received JRJ benefits within a certain timeframe?  Answer

Can a JRJ recipient in “repayment status” arrange for a payment plan?  Answer

How long does a JRJ recipient in “repayment status” have before the outstanding debt is referred to the U.S. Treasury Department for collection?  Answer

Regarding the JRJ Program, can a beneficiary hold some of the grant award to pay any tax liability rather than have all of these funds applied to repayment of a qualifying loan?  Answer

Will JRJ funds be available in FY 2019?  Answer

How will the JRJ Program affect funding through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program?  Answer

Regarding the JRJ Program, should state administering agencies evaluate the percentage of eligible loans contained in a consolidated loan?  Answer

Why is there a difference in the de minimis base amount of funding for some JRJ administering agencies to distribute?  Answer

What responsibility does the Governor-designated JRJ administering agency have to cooperate with BJA in the administration of JRJ awards?  Answer

What is the process for requesting a waiver of the repayment of JRJ funds for exiting recipients who are within the terms of the JRJ Student Loan Repayment Program Service Agreement?  Answer

Is a JRJ beneficiary eligible to continue receiving JRJ benefits from their state of origin if they attain an eligible position in a different state?  Answer

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Equal Justice Works is pleased to announce new resources to assist those administering JRJ funds in their state. In consultation with BJA, Equal Justice Works developed sample guidelines, a sample application for designated state agencies to customize and use, a description of the grant application process, and instructions for using the sample guidelines. Visit the Equal Justice Works JRJ information page to learn more.



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