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It is critical for law enforcement to distinguish between criminal activities and activities that may be protected by the U.S. Constitution. The SLATT Program has created a brief video as well as a print-ready informational flier, Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties, to review these rights and to reinforce law enforcement’s departmental policies, procedures, and training.  

The SLATT Program maintains its terror prevention technical assistance capacity to respond to requests from federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies as well as university and college law enforcement agencies. Technical assistance in the form of specialized and individualized consultation, training materials, and course design is available at no cost, and these services and presentations are tailored to the specific needs of each requesting agency. SLATT’s subject matter experts play a critical role in technical assistance delivery by providing their contact information to workshop participants, who often contact instructors after sessions for follow-up as they return to their day-to-day responsibilities. SLATT also assists organizations (state police and sheriff’s associations) in designing in-house terrorism training.

SLATT produces a number of training materials that are available in limited quantities at no charge to law enforcement. All SLATT materials are law enforcement sensitive and are for official use only. To learn more about SLATT, receive publications, register for an upcoming training, request to host a SLATT training, or access CAT materials, visit the password-protected SLATT website.

Deborah Meader
Policy Advisor

Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties, BJA-Sponsored, October 2014. This brochure provides information on the protection of the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of citizens to help law enforcement understand what activities are constitutionally protected.

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