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Building a Nationwide Crime Analysis Capability
Crime Analysis Implementation Toolkit
The Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR) is identifying, assessing, and leveraging best practices and lessons-learned from existing Crime Analysis Centers. Three pilot sites have been selected and provided with funding to improve their crime analysis capacity and to become models for the field. Lessons-learned and products from these sites will be used to develop an implementation toolkit of resources that may be used by any law enforcement agency seeking to improved its crime analysis proficiency.

The toolkit is not yet available, but more information about the program and pilot sites can be found on the IIR website.

Putting a Value on Crime Analysts

Considerations for Law Enforcement Executives
The Vera Institute of Justice developed guidance so law enforcement executives may understand how an investment in crime analysis contributes to the goals and mission of policing via the execution of a cost-benefit analysis.

The paper, Putting a Value on Crime Analysts: Considerations for Law Enforcement Executives, can be used by law enforcement personnel as they weigh their options on staffing and programs.

Also check out the Police Foundation's publication Crime Mapping & Analysis News.

No open Crime Analysis solicitations at this time

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BJA National Training and Technical Assistance Center
Crime Analysis on-Demand Tailored Training and Technical Assistance
The BJA National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC) promotes the BJA mission by facilitating the delivery of high-quality, strategically-focused training and technical assistance (TTA) in order to achieve safe communities nationwide. The NTTAC has pre-identified subject matter experts to deliver high-quality services and products that address agency requests to address analytical gaps and needs for crime analysis and law enforcement personnel.

To learn more about Crime Analysis on-Demand and to request technical assistance from NTTAC, visit the BJA NTTAC website and Request TTA.

Building Analytical Capacity

Crime Analysis Workshop for Chief Executives
The International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) provides a series of 2-day regional and online workshops in which agency teams, including agency executives, commanders, and analysts, create customized action plans to address specific crime analysis challenges within their departments. This workshop assists top commanders and their teams in identifying how to support actionable analysis within their own departments and use that analysis to drive operations. As part of the workshop, attendees will receive the comprehensive guidebook Building a Model Crime Analysis Capability: 50 Steps for Law Enforcement Professionals.

To learn more, see Crime Analysis for Chief Executives or contact Yvonne Pfeifer at or (208) 288-5491 to learn about upcoming workshops in your area.

IACA Offers a Series of Instructor-Led and Web-Based Training Courses

With more than 3,800 members from 57 nations, the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) serves the law enforcement community with resources (training, networking, and publications) aimed at improving skill and advocating for standards of performance and technique within the crime analysis profession. See the IACA Professional Training Series page for information about available trainings.

Gregory Joy
Policy Advisor

Rebecca Rose
Senior Policy Advisor/Director, NTTAC

Erich Dietrich
State Policy Advisor

Putting a Value on Crime Analysts: Considerations for Law Enforcement Executives, BJA-Sponsored, March 2014. This paper offers guidance to police executives looking into conducting a cost-benefit analysis to show the value of crime analysts.

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