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You can search for VIPS programs in your community, across the country, and around the world by using the following:

See the Training section of the VIPS website to learn about available opportunities and find training resources.

Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)

Citizen Corps, (NCJ 203669), Bureau of Justice Assistance, June 2004. Citizen Corps is a nationwide program that promotes volunteer activities that support community safety and homeland security. Citizen Corps programs and partners build on the successful efforts that are in place in many communities across the United States to prevent crime and respond to emergencies. Programs that started through local innovation are the foundation of Citizen Corps.

Volunteer Programs: Enhancing Public Safety by Leveraging Resources: A Resource Guide for Law Enforcement Agencies, (NCJ 230816), Bureau of Justice Assistance, 2010. This document, for chiefs, sheriffs, and other executives interested in establishing or enhancing a law enforcement volunteer program, includes information about issues to consider when developing a program, sample documents, and profiles of existing law enforcement volunteer programs.

Missing Persons: Volunteers Supporting Law Enforcement, (NCJ 233226), Bureau of Justice Assistance, 2010. A focus group of nearly 30 leaders from law enforcement agencies, missing person organizations, state attorney’s offices, and the U.S. Department of Justice attended and discussed the use of affiliated and spontaneous volunteers in missing person investigations, how to deal with the media, types of missing persons cases, technology available, partner organizations, and individual agency experiences with missing persons. Based on the ideas and concerns shared at the focus group, this publication was developed to reach those managing law enforcement volunteer programs.

Volunteers in Police Service Add Value While Budgets Decrease, (NCJ 236781), Bureau of Justice Assistance and the International Association of Chiefs of Police, November 2011. This publication recognizes the current state of law enforcement budgets and provides suggestions on ways to integrate volunteers to allow sworn and civilian staff to focus on more pressing law enforcement matters. Also includes program profiles that offer innovative ideas and activities in law enforcement volunteer programs.

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